{Baby Shower}

So, I finally got to host a baby shower & use some ideas that I've had stored over time and it was so worth it! Plus I got to make my own inspiration board tonite!!! My sister had a beautiful baby boy & he's my special little nephew!!!

I made the pom poms from Martha Stewart from scratch. The first one was a little tricky and then the others got easier & easier. I was a bit pressed for time so I made one a day and that seemed to work for my time management more. I also made the Baby Boy Banner ( already posted earlier) in one evening. I knew in my head what I wanted it to look like , so it was easy to put together. I was already in love with the paper...that always makes creativity flow. If the paper doesn't turn my crank, it is frustrating. I now only buy paper that speaks to me...why make it harder!!!

The food was inspired by several dessert bars & candy bar ( buffet style) I took some inspiration from my fave designer: Rebecca Thuss & from Oh How Charming. It worked out great. The attendees seemed to really enjoy the treats. There were parfaits, 4 types of cookies ( PB, Oatmeal raisin, Choco Chip, Double Chocolate), Caramel Apples, Cinnamon Candy Apples, Fruit kabobs, Mini Cupcakes (chocolate & vanilla mint), Caramel Popcorn, Yogurt Dipped & Chocolate dipped pretzels & Water Bottles!!!

The take home gift was homemade caramels wrapped in wax paper & put in tin wrapped bags. Loved the bags & ribbon!!! I printed a little tag with Baby G's pic & and a little "thanks for coming" note.

All in all, it worked out great. One tip I had to take note of from this shower is to give myself an extra hour for vendors who can at times make you late. I could have used just 1 hour more and i would have not been so pressed for time!!! but hey, what can you do?

I really enjoyed myself and think my sister loved it, so I was happy to have the shower for her & Baby G....btw, he was an angel!!!


{Baby Boy Banner}

I made this ridiculously cute baby boy banner for my sister's baby shower. i really loved the paper, i believe it was my mind's eye paper... too cute! check out this new line they have...how adorable is that ???

{flower trend}

now here's a flower trend that i can live with. first of all, i am not a "floral" person, so it's difficult for me to like things with alot of flowers....but lately i've noticed a VERY cute trend! I really like what they are doing with these: they are always layered & messy & crinkly!

{Shower Invites}

So I finally made some invites that I had stored in my head for long time! I really liked how they turned out & I received some really nice compliments from the invitees! ahhhh...that's what makes it worth it!