So, in the last couple days, I've come across some old friends on Facebook from elementary & we've been able to chat. There's still one friend form our little "pack" that we can't find on FB. There's a fabulous feeling when we find old friends, like a part of our life is back. I think FB has changed our lives for the better. I know a lot of people talk smack about it, but there's something so fantastic when I learn that a friend is "okay". Just okay? Well, I mean, that for so many years I didn't know what had happened to some of those people, I would wonder, sometimes have an occasional dream about school, wonder some more...
It's also safe. Does that sound weird? It's not like I walked past them in a mall or something & regret not taking a second glance & making meaningful contact. It's safe in that we can choose what to talk about & reminisce stress free without feeling awkward! Thank you Facebook...we can all sleep better knowing our little school friends are "alive & kicking"!!!


janna said...

i'm VERY excited for tasty tuesday!!!! i love your cooking, and i'm ALWAYS looking for good easy recipes....i have a tough time finding them though. can't wait!!!

paula said...

thx janna!
let me know if you have any requests!!!