So, I'm in the car & I hear my youngest say: hey mom, i have sticky fingers, just like spiderman...(as he's wearing his superhero t-shirt!) I find that this is a daily recurring theme at my house, all things can be associated to superheroes....the way they walk, fly, talk, super strength & super powers. What is it about little boys & superheroes? Does it ever end? I find that we are making plans with the oldest "boy" in my house-my husband- to go watch the new Batman movie. I think it's interesting that every Halloween since 1996 has been a superhero costume. We have a Costume bucket that gets worn year-round & it contains....you guessed it..super hero costumes along with Star Wars costumes that they love. I loved when a while back, my one son said to me, mom if you had superpowers, what would you want to have? I answered back...how do you know I don't already have one!....boy, did I get a great reaction to that!!! His face just lit up!!! too funny. I wonder just how long this fantasy will go on??? I think it's adorable & fun... perhaps I don't want it to end???

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Jamie said...

Ha ha ha - I can SO relate. Superheroes are the be-all-end-all at our house. Nate even made up superhero names for everyone in the family - hilarious. And it wants to be Batman (sometimes Ironman) when he grows up. I told him he has to be really smart and really rich! :)