Update: {Barefoot in tha house!}

Looky @ what was in my email inbox today!!! A new show & a Christmas Special!!! It was as good as Christmas morning for me!

Dear Paula,

It's that time again! My new book, Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics is coming out on October 28th. I think this may be my favorite book yet - it's all about how to get great flavor from simple ingredients.

When I'm writing recipes, what really interests me is how to get the most flavor in a dish. How can I make chicken taste like the best chicken you've ever eaten? What can I serve with this pear to bring out it's sweetness? What can I add to chocolate (like coffee) that will give the chocolate great depth of flavor? Each recipe in this book has that secret process or ingredient that will make your cooking the best ever.

In addition to my new book, I have a new TV series on Food Network - also called Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics with lots of great new recipes and some exciting parties. Don't miss Saturday, December 13th when my friend Susan Stroman and I give a party for the cast of her hit Broadway musical Young Frankenstein. It was such fun!

If you'd like to order signed books, get a recipe from the new book, or check out my upcoming book tour please go to BarefootContessa.com

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Love, Ina

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