{gift giving}

...at least just thinking about it! I have this problem, I think about really cool things for people on my list throughout the year & then I either forget or they get the item before Christmas. So I was looking for inspiration online and went to one of the first places I went to when the internet first started....I was watching Oprah's first ever "Oprah's favorite things giveaway" episode (when I used to watch Oprah!) anyhow, it was Red Envelope....they are so cool, they wrap all the presents in red boxes with a beautiful ivory grosgrain ribbon...ahhhh! beautiful! sidenote: One year I wrapped all my presents ( except kiddie ones) in Kraft paper with raffia, it was awesome! I must do that again!) Anyhow, there's also gifts.com for ideas...well, I'm stuck on what to get for a few people, so I better keep looking for some cool & unique ideas! Best of luck with your shopping!!!


craftedbylindy said...

I feel your pain. I do the same thing....come up with ideas all year but either don't write them donw, or loose the piece of paper I did write them down on or am too afraid to spend the money too early for fear they will get it before Christmas. Then November comes and I'm scrambeling to come up with ideas that will be truly appreciated. Ah.....if only we could give red boxes with ivory ribbon and not have to fill the boxes with anything. teehee.

paula said...

i'm not the only one!!!yay!!!