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i've been so busy but thrilled with the fact that my blog was searched for on google, ah, my moment came! i've been so overwhelmed with changes in my life lately that i've had no time to post, but i guess all things have their time. this morning i was missing posting so i headed over to PB, my most fave store! and ga-ga'd over all their beautiful christmas ideas.

on another note, i love RED & GREEN! it speaks christmas to me. a rich red though not the candy-cane red. the last issue of Style at Home disappointed me, it was all about not decorating in the traditional colors, but rather violet, blues & whites...that speaks stark & cold to me not warm & inviting. perhaps it's because i decorate with my kids in mind more than an adult atmosphere, i feel it's all about them really, i could watch them open presents all day! which will be the case anyway!

on the weekend we attended a special musical performance and that christmas tear came down my cheek. i was waiting for that special moment that starts the season for me. it happens every year & it warms my heart. i feel the love of the christmas season in my heart & it makes me utterly speechless! now, that doesn't happen to me often but so look forward to it!
So I hope you search for the spirit of the season in whatever form touches you the most!
Happy Christmas to you & yours!

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Jamie said...

Those are very pretty things!