{Gingered Lemon Bars}

Since my time is limited lately I want to plan ahead a few events, I have a few this Spring, so I thot i might start trying out a few recipes so they can be in place for the Spring. Not a bad idea, huh? I've learned from experience that one must NOT try new recipes right before an event, there's just too much pressure & stress, I like to check out some recipes that "sound" yummy & then give 'em a try, if there's nothing left on the plate the next day then i know it's a success!!! Having 3 boys & a husband helps!!! So this Gingered Lemon Bars recipe "sounds" delish; we love to cook with ginger & are already lemon bar lovers around here, i had never thot of the two together, so we'll give 'em a shot! I like this site 'cause I think it's "for reals" ...real people in this family that have made & experimented with the recipes they post, not just another database of recipes who knows has submitted!

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