{taking it for granted}

...so i go every few days for a walk down to Bath & Body Works ( the store is on level one pretty much beneath my store!)...how lucky am i? i think that when i got home the other day and saw how my little stash is growing ..."for a rainy day"...i realized i had not even put my new babies on!!! how terrible of me!!! so here i post in my sweet shea infused fluffy socks! they are the best after a long day at work! ahhhh!!!!
These are the latest scents i've bought...they smell amazing: Island Nectar,Passionfruit & Guava and Pineapple Orchid....ooohhhh!!!

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Brinton Family said...

soooo jealous! if i try really hard maybe i can imagine the smells....mmmmmm.....not the same :(