{Holiday Ornament Swap '09}

I was very thrilled when i was invited a few weeks back to a "Holiday Ornament Swap"...needless to say, you know I was online fervently looking for a super cute ornament to make. I have to make 25 of the same ornament. One for myself and 24 to giveaway...we are meeting end of November to do our exchange!!! This is the best idea I've ever heard of. Apparently it is a "select" group of women....which in all honesty makes me feel good for two reasons: I know I will love the ornaments they make & that they will appreciate my work. I've started looking around at a few ideas, so I thought I'd share with ya'll...if you have an ornament idea that speaks "paula"...lemme know about it!!!


Karla's Catering said...

yours will be the best!!!

paula said...

thanks special k, you always have something nice to say to me!!! i luv ya!!!!