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"The founding editor of Style at Home magazine, Gail Johnston Habs, is retiring at the end of May after 12 years with the magazine and 23 with Transcontinental Media."
so... I just finished reading the September issue of Style at Home ( if you know me, i subscribe to both Canadian H&H & Style @ Home every year) and I've just discovered that the Editor is also leaving...(i say ALSO because of my other entry about Canadian House & Home Editor Cobi Ladner leaving her position) EXCEPT i'm not sad or worried for the state of Style of Home. Why? Why? am i not having those same feelings? is it perhaps that GJH never made personal connections? is it because i never saw her making canadian appearances at Home Shows? Is it because i never saw her on Cityline or at the Jasper Park Lodge??? LOL or is it because every single time i wanted her to make a connection with me when i read her editors note she never "had me at hello"...maybe she doesn't speak Paula to me? maybe i shouldn't worry about it...but you know at least i had Cobi Ladner...she spoke to me...i guess to each his own, i just hope that the quality of magazine continues because both magazines are excellent resources.... but if you pick up this month's issue of Style at Home, which you totally should--it's AWESOME--read her final words...is it personal & touching to you??? your thots???

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