{new scents}

Bath & Body Works has some new scents for their hand soaps! Oh, they are lovely!
The first one is: HERB GARDEN
The second one is:FRESH LIME BASIL
The last one is: GOURMET SPICE

I went and smelled them yesterday & they are all very nice scents for your kitchen! Not too overpowering. Gourmet Spice was very "Christmas" smelling though.

Bad news...the room sprays now came in at $7 each! I was not impressed~ especially because they haven't been on sale since the store opened! Some of my favorites that were in : Autumn Apple, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin,The Perfect Autumn, Spiced Cider, Vanilla Caramel, Cinnamon Stick, Harvest Berry


janna said...

i love the sprays! smell so good!! but i find the smell didn't last long, so i switch to the tea light oil things. love their smells!!! hm...maybe i'll go buy some more now. ;)

Claire said...

The Fresh Lime Basil sounds yummy! I'll make sure to check these out =)

Oler Family said...

Hey Paula!
I found your blog through Alysha'a and I love your blog! I can't wait to try those new scents!