{interiors-color personality quiz}

...so listen, take this quiz and tell me what interior color you are! why? because since u came to my blog wanting to read or do something....so there u are, let me know how it went! when i get 2 responses....( i know that isn't asking for much!) i will reveal my color personality quiz!---how fun is that? watch, i'm prolly just talking to myself right now and no one will take this quiz! hahaha- that's life in the slow blog lane!!!


Adele Webster said...

That was fun! Thanks for posting the link. I came out with "Shade of Pale". Curious on yours. Having fun with the new house?

Brinton Family said...

surprising! mine was "raffia"...i guess i don't really know what I was expecting...thanks! now let's have yours. ;)

janna said...

hmmmm i was botanical gardens. i kinda agree with it. what r u ?? i love tests like this!!

paula said...

mine was Classical Tones!!! It was fun reading your color tones!!! they match your personalities!!!

yes, we are having fun, i should get some pics out soon, it's hard to see the end in sight as we still have moving boxes around...the basement is almost done!

Tea Time Consultants said...

I am red, but I am not going to paint another red. Thought I was smart, make a small wall an accent wall. Two prep coats and one red coat later. It was so hard and I am not a painter.

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