{color challenged}

yes, you read that right. i am color challenged! If it was up to me i would have everything in neutral tones with a splash of chocolate and white tones with a smidge of red, somehow that's about the only color i can add to anything!!!. yup. i said it. it takes alot for me to work with colors. so when i came across this blog it was delightful to see color cards that didn't necessarily ask too much from me! perhaps it's because the tones were in light and soft? it was a wonderfully color inspired blogsite to come across. this is what i usually tend to go for:
but i think that's okay! i actually LOVe the third color swatch waaaay more. there i go back to comfort colors--or lack of!!!

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Alysha said...

ooooo love that site. just checked it out. love a TON of those color combos... who'd have thought! :)