I just learned this --Oldies but Goodies!!! "Once again, if you know me"... I decided to do a LIST! a list of the top five blogs that I visited when blogging began for me.
1. Kristina Werner---loved her card making videos until she got caught using music that she wasn't allowed to use without paying rights to them!!!
2.Card of the Week---this is where i discovered many new sites and found myself checking out page after page!
3.Kirsty---this is where I'd go when bored and needed a new blog!!! It's an all in one blog...arts, entertainment, home, design, cooking, etc
4.The Daily Beast---came across this site when I was looking for some politics, some pop culture and great essays on simple, complicated life issues.....big change from the other "momstyle sites"
5.Southern Wedding Magazine---A fabulous wedding site with amazing photography that I could look at forever!
Well, that's where it all started. I've been working alot lately, new house, 3 boys and a husband that keep me pretty busy, so bloggin' hasn't crossed my path lately but i sure had fun going to these sites tonite! Enjoy! Don't forget to leave me a comment- I so appreciate them!


N-Lynn.com said...

you should add "Carpe Diem" to that list! haha

Alysha said...

fun sites. i like the card one

Jamie said...

Love Kirsty! Haven't heard of any of the others - I will have to check them out!