{valentine's day ideas}

I normally don't get too excited over Valentines day, but for some reason, I am this year. Tomorrow I will post a cute framed papercraft I made tonite! I also have planned a Family Valentines Spaghetti Dinner at my house- weird, I guess I'll figure it out, I think it's weird because the main reason I don't like Valentines things is because of the ridiculous amounts of pink associated with it! hahaha, but for some reason, i'm not minding it all this year! So here's some cute ideas I've come across this weekend for you to have a looksey over! Enjoy!
p.s. couldya make me smile & let me know if you were here &/or if you visited these sites & maybe let me know how you liked the ideas? I would LUV to hear from you;)


Brinton Family said...

i always check your blog and you always amaze me with your talents! I'm not much of a crafter but those red velvet cheesecake brownies sound AMAZING!! i'm always looking for a new dessert!

Happy Valentines!!

btw-when do we get to see you guys again!! we've been watching old home videos and we're missing you and those cute boys of yours!

Alysha said...

have you ever had the cake pops (last pic)? They are SOOOOO GOOD!! www.bakerella.com is where I first saw them.

PW said...

Yes, Alysha, I've made cake pops on many occasions! they are awesome! I last made some for Halloween, orange & brown ones- so yummy!

Jamie said...

Cuuuute ideas! I love the photo one. I'm excited to see your craft!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! I want to make every one of those!! And I don't really care about Valentines Day either!!