{my fave 5}

I just saw on a blog that I love where she showcased her "favorite 5 things"- random "things" no categories for me though!
So, these are my fave 5!!! (for now):

1. Love my Vinnie- that's right, I was without Vinnie the Van for a week about a month ago and boy did I miss him!!! When I got back into my van I actually had a conversation with him!!! He's a cherry red Kia Sedona

2. Love my wall of bookcases!!! I had seen it in a magazine a long time ago and actually ripped it out and saved it! and when I bought my house I actually built it!!! I love displaying "stuff" on it.

3. Love my 27" iMac...absolute pleasure to work on and have fun on!!! It's been the best investment thus far!

4. Love me some Second Cup Frrrrrrozen Hot Chocolate!!! oooooohhhh the pleasure is insane! If you haven't had one- go now!!!

5. Love my STYLE AT HOME subscription! It's about to run out soon...I've gotten so much inspiration and joy reading articles in it. I just finished reading about a garden that I would love to have~


Alysha said...

I want mac SOOOOO bad! lucky :) and that frozen hot chocolate looks awesome. never had one, but i think i need to now

Alysha said...

that should say "a mac" - my a's not working well.

prettyshoulders... said...

oh alysha... you gotta get the frozen hot chocolate!!! it's unreal!!! As a photographer, you'll really ask yourself --how did I ever do photo editing without an iMac!!!

Shel said...

mmm.. frozen hot chocolate shounds delicious... I'm impressed with the book shelves they are great.. and you built them... impressive

Carolina said...

What about me am I not in your fav 5? Lol jut kidding i love your book shelves too!

Agnes said...

just drop by to say hi. You have got a huge bookcases which allow you to display a lot of stuff, easier to organize things in there.

swandive_pixie said...

I don't think I could narrow it down to 5... and I have more of a wish list than faves of what I own!

joven said...

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