{fall project #1}

So i just got back from holidays and was deciding on what projects to work on this fall. I always do a purge or organize closets in the fall- why? because it's much cooler!!! But I have most of that done already due to "looking for something" this summer! I have almost finished the main floor and now want to start looking at some products as I shop around and get one of the boys rooms started this fall. I realize I only have so much say and I also realize he will one day move on so I would like to make the most of his room as I can. I really don't want to go too kiddie, I'd rather the room go with the house colors. So I've started looking at the colors in these rooms: What do you think?


Brinton Family said...

I love them all!!! Have fun - my construction is about to get real messy this week! i have a long time before I'll be in the decorating phase.

Carolina said...

Yes love the colors! You should chk the benjamin Moore website for paints

Jamie said...

LOVE! Can't wait to see what you do!