about Cake Stands...

So, summer holidays really throw the schedule right out the door, don't they? I feel like the days are going fast & it seems to be hotter outside every year now!!! I was doing a bit of cleaning, but found it was too difficult to even start doing anything, I think I will leave detailed cleaning to September when kids are in school & I have more time to myself. But I did come across my collection of Cake Stands that I started last Christmas. I don't have time to photograph them right now, but I will on a later post. I decided on collecting White & Ceramic stands, so far I have 1 round, 1 square & two Square '3 tier' stands! I absolutely love to look at them & they are such a treat to display when having dinners, parties & luncheons. I hope to keep expanding my collection. I've never really collected anything but have watched my father collect many things. Is it because I'm getting older??? I have to wonder!

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