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YES! it was good for me!!! I sprayed every new scent around our home last night, trying a new scent in every room!!! I even smell good thanks to my new lotions. I wondered if I would feel weird going in there ( for those who don't know, I was offered the General Store Manager position at B&BW@ WEM ...long story) or feel jealous...but I didn't! thank goodness! I thoroughly enjoyed the store, found it small for the demand there is for it & missing product lines but overall a beautiful store. There are many stores to be built in western Canada in the next 2 years...so they are coming to your city soon!!! Above is my collage of new products I treated myself to!!! It was good for me....it was pure pleasure...yes, i'm talking about lotion & sprays!!!


Karla's Catering said...

My sis and I went to Spokane while visiting my parents and that was the first place we hit!!! Totally love the stuff!! My favs this time was the aromatherapy soap they had on sale at the time.

Jamie said...

Nice - I didn't know B&B was coming here! So did you take the job? Pretty sweet!

paula said...

nope, i didn't take the job, long story...but just not the right time & store for me ;-) thanks for asking!