I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged! This is a first for me ;-)
Thanks Jamie!

My 3 Joys:
•My husband & my 3 boys
•My extended family
•My 24" iMac-hahaha!!!

My 3 Fears:
•Being outside in the dark at night alone
•Losing someone's Wedding Photography!!!
•Critical illness

My 3 Current Obsessions:
•KitKat Chunky
•Brad Pitt
•Stampin Up

My 3 Surprising Facts:
•i never return movies on time!
•i can't make a good pie crust!
•i love Pacman!

I Tag: Karla, Lindy


Jamie said...

Awesome. I love your obsessions. ANd losing someone's wedding photography would be tragic!
Nice work.

Lindy said...

Okay I did it. Took some thinking.

paula said...

lindy, that's cool, i just checked it out!
i wouldn't think flying was a fear since you travel so much???